How farmers and agricultural actors can implement effective climate solutions

The agricultural sector must reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of global efforts to combat climate change

In this regard, the agricultural organizations and the government in Norway entered into a letter of intent in 2019 on reduced emissions and increased uptake of carbon from agriculture in the period 2021-2030. In recent years, a large number of possible climate measures for the sector have been proposed and described, but implementation has so far been limited. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions without significantly reducing food production will require changes in technologies and the way in which agriculture is run and organized. By analyzing structures and processes in practical and actual agriculture, CLIMPLEMENT will develop new knowledge about what enables the implementation of effective greenhouse gas reduction measures at farm level.

The project will develop analytic tools based on Norwegian conditions to measure greenhouse gas reducing potentials in various productions and consequences for food production and farm economy. The aim of the project is to advance and disseminate knowledge about how farmers can succeed in implementing emission-reducing operating models, including which system factors are important for such changes. The project results will be used to further develop advisory services and educational programs in terms of disseminating knowledge about more climate-friendly farming.


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