Farmers of the future helped to create a logo

Trym the designed winning logo

The Ruralis project Climplement gets its own logo. The man behind is Trym Ystad, a student at Mære agricultural school.
20 proposals from students at the agricultural schools Mære and Skjetlein were included in the jury’s assessment, and in a close battle with several good proposals, Ystad got the victory. The logo will be used in all dissemination under the auspices of Climplement, a project that will study how farmers and actors in agriculture can introduce effective climate solutions.

– It is good that we students get to contribute to something that is important for the future of agriculture. I also think that we pay more attention to Climplement now than if we had only received information about the project, says the first-year student at Mære.

Musical inspiration
The inspiration for the winning logo came when the corps he plays in was visited by the friendship corps from Munich last year. Then t-shirts were made with a logo of letters.
– I thought that logo was nice and thought that the idea would fit Climplement as well. The name Climplement may not tell us much, and the cow should show that we are talking about agriculture. Since the cow has been designated as a climate aggravator, with regard to CO2 emissions, it was natural to include it. The light bulb symbolizes development and good ideas, while the green letters show that it is about green food, says Ystad.
He shares some of the credit with his cousin Margrete, seven years old, since she drew the cow. And the mother was the motivator and assisted with technical help.

Fun with mom
– Mom thought this could be fun. I have not done such things before, so she helped me with the computer technology. The work has taught me a little about layout and design, and I had to familiarize myself with what Climplement really stands for and will work towards, says the happy winner.
– I had no expectation of winning, so I was very surprised when I got the message.

Dissemination to the farmers of the future
Climplement recently got its own website, and the logo competition is part of the work to make the project known and accessible. Inviting students from two agricultural schools to compete was a conscious choice.
– The agricultural schools are important actors for climate measures in agriculture and as partners in this project. Here we get the opportunity to convey new knowledge about climate measures to future farmers, and at the same time they can help us say something about what steps we must take to reach the findings from the research of this group, says Ruralis researcher Brit Logstein.
The students at Skjetlein and Mære first got an introduction to what the Climplement project is about, and how agriculture works with climate solutions. Particular emphasis was placed on how young farmers can be involved in the project. On the basis of this, the students were to design logos that in the best possible way convey what the project is about.

Creative expression
– Many of the students thought it was a fun task, where they got to unfold creatively. Others probably went a little outside the comfort zone. In any case, this fit into the teaching, because we had recently been through the topic of marketing, says subject teacher Vigdis Jonsen at Skjetlein.
Together with colleague Marian Roodenburg, she is responsible for the program subject management and operation at Vg2 Agriculture and Horticulture. Here, knowledge of marketing and business establishment are important training goals.
– The students sometimes think that agriculture receives an unjustified amount of criticism such as climate change. At the same time as they also learn that agriculture has a responsibility to reduce its climate emissions, on an equal footing with other sectors in Norway, Roodenburg adds.
The jury for the competition was composed of representatives of all partners in the project. They rated each of the 20 proposals on a scale of 1-4, before the winner was chosen.